Motomax Bike & Car Cream Polish with Carnuba Wax and Micro Polishing Agents (230 g)

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  • High Gloss Finish – The bike and car Cream Polish can be mixed with minimum buffing to provide a high-gloss showroom finish. It also comes with an applicator sponge that can be used to smoothly operate the gloss over the vehicle.
  • Easy Application – Easy to apply, the cream forms a water repellent layer that adds to the shine of the paint job to give the car or bike a new-look type of finish.
  • Smoothness – The Carnuba wax provides a good slip that adds a bit of smoothness to the surface, and the micro polishing agents remove scratches and haze to make the exterior look as good as new.
  • Multi-purpose – The bike & car cream polish is of multi-purpose; it helps shine and protect the surface of the paint on your vehicle. It can be judiciously used, with just a little applicant enough to clean large surface areas.
  • Versatile – This product can also double up as a bike and car polish, allowing for easier application and forms a Water Repellent layer

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    Apply on a clean and cool surface away from the direct sunlight Do not use the product on the heated surface or under direct sun. Do not leave the product on surface overnight or for extended periods. Product is suitable only for 2K (crosslinking polymer) type paint system used on all OEM modern cars. In case of doubt first test the product on a small insignificant portion of the automobile. Do not apply on plastic, vinyl or rubber parts.


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